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TotalCare® Twin Conditioner Systems
Intelligent design for 24/7 quality water.

Designed for today’s demanding homes, WaterCare’s twin tank systems provide a generous flow rate of clean, soft water 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reduced salt and water consumption saves you money, and high-tech electronics are convenient, comprehensive, and smart. Your home deserves the proven water treatment expertise of made-in-the-USA WaterCare.

TotalCare® twin conditioner systems use patented technology and exclusive Crystal-Right™ media to soften water and remove minerals, eliminating odors and providing great taste. Plus, it corrects mildly acidic water, preserving your piping and fixtures. Best of all, your TotalCare system is tailored to your home’s needs.

  • Patented IQ2 technology’s exclusive features save salt and water
  • Exclusive Crystal-Right media acts as an exceptional filter and softener
  • Patented chlorine generator keeps system clean
    (Not intended for treating non-potable water.)
  • Complete softening and filtration system in one convenient, efficient twin unit
  • More efficient water to reduce operating and maintenance cost of household water-using appliances, saving you money
  • Regenerates with soft water, keeping your system cleaner