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CareSoft Series Twin Tank Softeners
Unmatched innovation for better water.

Few things mean as much to your family as the availability of quality water. It’s essential to our daily lives. Whether your water source is your city or a private well, ensure your water is clean and refreshing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CareSoft Elite Series® provides deep-cleaning, giving you and your family water that tastes great and has no odor. The system’s high-performance resin media and patented, electronic IQ2 controller provide technology that is customized to meet your high-capacity needs. The CareSoft Elite comes equipped with our patented chlorine generator to clean the system with every regeneration. (Not intended for treating non-potable water.)
Also available as an RC resin/carbon unit.

CareSoft Pro Series® is the smartest generation of adjustable water softeners available. It reaches maximum efficiency, using less water and less salt, thanks to patented, electronic IQ2 technology that eliminates unwanted minerals and hardness. This high capacity system lets you enjoy soft water whenever you need it, 24/7. Its eco-friendly technology saves you water and, ultimately, money.
Also available as an RC resin/carbon unit.