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Your Car and Hard Water Spots

Washing your car at home can be a nice way to spend an afternoon outside, especially if you like to take extra care making sure there are no missed spots. But, unless you...

Wednesday, March 31st

Can I have a Water Softener Installed Outside?

In some parts of the country, especially warmer states where basements in homes are not commonplace or even possible, finding that perfect location for a softener install...

Thursday, January 28th

Understanding Flow Rate and Water Pressure

At some point in your life, you've likely struggled with a faucet or showerhead that suddenly wasn't living up to its full potential; a once steady stream of water is now...

Friday, December 18th

What is a Boil Water Advisory

Even the most failsafe municipal systems can occasionally crack under the weight of natural disasters, infrastructure breaks, or other unforeseen circumstances. In those ...

Thursday, March 12th

The O3Zone Generator: Science Fiction?

While its plastic shell may look inconspicuous, the O3Zone generator is a box full of lightning that turns ordinary, boring oxygen into ozone. When equipped on an air fil...

Monday, December 23rd

How Often Do I Need To Add Salt To My Water Softener?

What happens to your water softener if you forget to add salt? Are there better ways to remind you to check the salt levels in your tank?

Tuesday, October 29th

How Do Tannins Affect Your Well's Water?

If you're one of the 42 million Americans that gets their home's water from a well, you may have encountered the unappealing effects that tannins can have on your water s...

Friday, September 27th

W.E.T. - What is Water Efficient Technology?

Discover the savings features behind W.E.T. programming and learn how it can help you save salt, water, and money!

Tuesday, July 23rd

What is a Consumer Confidence Report?

Once a year, typically in the summer, municipal water customers receive some additional paperwork with their water bill. It's called a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) an...

Monday, June 17th

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