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Iron in Your Water Can Cause A Real Scene

The word “rust” usually doesn’t make anyone think of warm, fuzzy thoughts, especially if it involves your home. If rust-colored stains are common in your toilets, sinks, and tubs, you might be dealing with an iron issue in your water.

Rusty pipe caused by too much iron in water

What are the Effects of Too Much Iron in Water?

Although iron in your water is not a health concern, it can cause annoying and embarrassing symptoms around your home. For example:

  • Your water may come out of the faucet brown
  • Even if your water is clear, iron may be present in a dissolved state and stain your fixtures and laundry as it dries and becomes exposed to air
  • It can build up inside and clog your plumbing
  • Your water might taste metallic, along with all the food cooked in it
  • Certain bacterias feed off of iron and will create a smelly slime in toilet tanks and other places that store water

Testing and Removing Iron in Water

Ion Pro Air FilterIf you are sick of scrubbing rust stains or embarrassed by how your water looks or tastes, it may be time to consider a filtration system. Whole-home filters can provide protection wherever water is used without any work on your part.

Our Ion Pro® Air Filters are designed specifically for iron removal from water. As it passes through the air chamber at the top of the tank, any iron dissolved in your water is oxidized and changed into a particle. The filtration media then easily traps these particles, and clean water is ready to flow to your home.

The Ion Pro Air Filter is also equipped with a patented technology called “Inch Worm” When the filter starts to release air, it does so little by little instead of one big rush to prevent the drain line from trashing around.

If you suspect you have high amounts of iron in your water, request a free estimate from your local WaterCare® company. The Ion Pro Air Iron filter puts an end to rust-colored stains to improve the vibrancy of your home and preserve the life of your plumbing fixtures and appliances.