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What is the Best Way to Purify Water?

Everyone needs to have safe drinking water. Explore different ways to filter or purify your water to determine which is best for you.

Wednesday, July 13th

What Does Low pH Mean? Is It Safe for My Household?

Learn what causes low pH water (acid water) and when to be concerned about low pH water and your health. Know the signs and treatment options.

Friday, May 6th

Should There Be Iron In Your Well Water?

Iron in well water is very common throughout the country. While this iron is generally safe to drink, it can cause a lot of damage to clothing and appliances.

Thursday, April 14th

The Benefits of Soft Water

You can't tell when you turn on the faucet if the water coming out is hard or not. After time, though, scale buildup and a loss of water pressure are signs that hardness ...

Monday, February 28th

Why are my Shower Head Nozzles Clogged?

Investing in a new shower head is an investment in your comfort, but even the finest shower head will clog up with limescale after a while if you have hard water. Instead...

Wednesday, January 26th

Why does my Shower Door have White Stains?

You've seen the scale buildup on a shower door before. It's unsightly, but it is preventable. The secret is getting a water softener.

Friday, December 17th

Common Misunderstandings: Hard Water and Kidney Stones

A lot of people seem to think that hard water can cause kidney stones. But is it possible drinking hard water could cause some health concerns? Click here to find out mor...

Wednesday, November 24th

Why Does my Water Taste Bad Even Though It Looks Clear?

Clear-looking water doesn't always taste as good as it looks. Many things could be throwing the taste off.

Monday, November 1st

City Living: Is a WaterCare® Water Softener the Right Solution?

Identifying how your water is supplied to your home plays a key factor in how you need to treat it. Water that comes directly to your home from the city is a remarkable c...

Wednesday, September 29th

Tannins: What's that in my Water?

Yellowish-brown water is not something you hope to see in your water supply. While there could be a number of factors contributing to this issue, one of the main culprits...

Monday, August 30th

Why Should I Hire a WaterCare® Water Treatment Expert?

DIY water treatment has grown in popularity in recent years. For some, this can be a money saver, but for others, it could be a wild ride of late-night video watching and...

Monday, August 2nd

Drinking Water Solutions Make It Easy to Consume More Water

Are you drinking enough water every day? The benefits of staying properly hydrated are endless. Reaching your daily goal can easily be achieved with a little planning and...

Tuesday, June 29th

Why is my water SO SLIPPERY!

We all know there are numerous benefits to ridding your hard water for soft water, like increased longevity of your water appliances and keeping your plumbing running smo...

Tuesday, June 1st

Point of Entry vs. Point of Use Water Treatment Systems

Point of Entry (POE) and Point of Use (POU) water treatment systems are the most common ways for water to be treated for your home. Although a fairly simple concept, it i...

Friday, April 23rd

Your Car and Hard Water Spots

Washing your car at home can be a nice way to spend an afternoon outside, especially if you like to take extra care making sure there are no missed spots. But, unless you...

Wednesday, March 31st

Understanding Water Treatment Certifications

Making the initial decision to treat your home's water is a good example of getting hit with the reality of decision paralysis. Whether you already have some ideas about...

Friday, February 26th

Can I have a Water Softener Installed Outside?

In some parts of the country, especially warmer states where basements in homes are not commonplace or even possible, finding that perfect location for a softener install...

Thursday, January 28th

Soft Water Benefits on Your Home and Appliances

It's important to take of your largest investment, your home. Are you doing it any good with hard water? Read about what treated water can do for your home.

Wednesday, October 10th

Smooth Hair And Soft Skin Is Possible With Soft Water

Hard water contains dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. Those minerals make it harder for water to form a solution with soap, and it leaves behind a scummy res...

Tuesday, June 12th

Chlorine in Your Water and What You Can Do About It

The strong swimming pool smell in your home is not something you have to live with. Read more about where it comes from and how you can treat it.

Wednesday, May 9th

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