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There are only a few truly unique substances on the planet and our exclusive Crystal-Right™ media is one of them. Custom-engineered by Mineral-Right in Phillipsburg, Kansas, these crystals are a multi-functioning media designed for treating problem water. Found exclusively in our TotalCare conditioners, there is no other water treatment like it on the planet.

By definition, Crystal-Right™ is a manmade zeolite. Naturally occurring zeolites have been used for water treatment for many years, but they are notoriously dirty and inefficient. With science and innovation, Crystal-Right™ is manufactured for clean, efficient water treatment.

Crystal-Right™ media can eliminate problem minerals efficiently, including iron and manganese. They also have a high tolerance for chlorine, which is used to keep your system clean while softening your water. This state-of-the-art filter is engineered as two different systems, providing perfect performance for your home!

TC1 Models:

  • Equipped with CR-100 media
  • Reduces hardness, iron, manganese
  • Raises low pH

TC2 Models:

  • Equipped with CR-200 media
  • Reduces high amounts of hardness, iron, and manganese

The Crystal Formation Process

Crystal-Right media mixer

Custom-Engineered Liquid Mixture Made and Stored

MR Fill Truck

Product Is Filled Into Tanker Truck

MR Product Transfer

Product Is Transferred To Field Truck

MR Truck

Custom Built Field Truck Lays Media Beds

MR Pour Sideview

Mixture Is Poured Into Frame and Solidifies

MR Fresh Beds

Full Field Of Freshly Poured Beds

Crystal Formation

As It Dries, Crystals Begin To Form

MR Dry Crystals

Crystals Continue To Crumble

MR Table2

Dried Beds Are Harvested and Washed

Bag Mockup

Final Product Is Packaged For Distribution