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CareSoft Series® Softeners

Water Softening Solutions

Quality & convenience you expect

Your family depends on clear, clean, quality water every day. WaterCare® products ensure safe and pure water for laundry, dishes, bathing, cleaning, cooking, drinking, and daily life!

Our CareSoft Series® is flexible, providing a variety of water softening solutions perfectly suited for your needs. With highly advanced technology and eco-friendly features, you will have peace of mind knowing that you're bringing the best system into your home.

CareSoft Elite

CareSoft Elite® — our most advanced softener

CareSoft Elite® is a top-of-the-line water softener, equipped with a high-performance resin that effortlessly reduces the toughest of minerals. With a patented chlorine generator, our superior systems also provide an automatic cleaning cycle.

CareSoft Elite® systems are compatible with our convenient WiFi technology, Wripli® and provide maximum savings with our Water Efficient Technology, W.E.T.™.

CareSoft Elite® has numerous configurations to choose from. The standard model is perfect for handling hard water issues. The CareSoft Elite RC® model is designed to hold both carbon and resin, which is great for filtering out odors and softening water. Both options are also available as twin units for complete coverage day and night.

This top of the line model comes with a variety of configurations to choose from:

  • The standard resin unit handles hard water issues seamlessly
  • The CareSoft Elite RC® has a dual-chamber tank that holds both resin and carbon, which filters unwanted tastes and odors while softening
  • Standard and dual-chamber models are also available as twin units for efficient, around-the-clock treatment
  • The cabinet unit is available in the standard model, providing efficiency in limited space

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CareSoft Elite® CareSoft Elite RC® CareSoft Elite® Cabinet CareSoft Elite® Twin

CareSoft Pro

CareSoft Pro® — taking softening to the next level

CareSoft Pro® is a smart choice – since it uses the same quality resin as the Elite system, you can rest assured knowing that you can trust its water softening capabilities.

When equipping this system with our Water Efficient Technology™, you maximize your savings on salt and water, while also making it one of the most efficient systems on the market!

CareSoft Pro® can be purchased as a standard resin softener, a split-tank resin/carbon softener for double the efficiency, and as twin units for treated water 24-hours a day.

Our CareSoft Pro® softener has a lot to offer, coming in many different configurations, including:

  • The standard resin softener
  • The split-tank resin/carbon softener, capable of filtering and softening at the same time
  • Twin units for around-the-clock softening

Visit the product pages below to learn more:

CareSoft Pro® CareSoft Pro RC® CareSoft Pro® Cabinet CareSoft Pro® Twin


CareSoft® — value the simplicity

Hardness minerals can cause plumbing issues and diminish the efficiency of your appliances – making water softeners an essential element in today's homes. Investing in a water softener helps prolong the life of your appliances and your home overall.

The CareSoft® system was developed with the same advanced engineering as the Pro and Elite models, with resin that delivers high-performance hardness removal you can count on for years to come.

The CareSoft® water softening configurations include:

  • Standard model using a high-capacity resin to reduce hardness
  • CareSoft® cabinet, providing simple solutions in a compact design

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