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CareClear® Pro Acid Neutralizing Water Filter

Eliminate Acidity, Corrosion & Staining

CareClear® Pro water filters help to neutralize acidic water in your home. Acidic water may accelerate corrosion and staining on your plumbing system and fixtures. WaterCare® uses Calcite to slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate and raise pH levels in your water. 

Explore the benefits of a more balanced water source- find your local dealer today!

Simple to run & efficient to operate

Water is unique, so choose a solution that best fits your home. Our CareClear® water filters use advanced technology to monitor and self-adjust regeneration cycles. Smart systems base their cycles off your home's unique consumption trends. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of filtration, is environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient.

The CareClear® Pro Acid Neutralizer showcases an array of benefits:

  • Environmentally safe - no chemicals
  • Protects household plumbing and fixtures
  • Flexible, adjustable programming
  • Extended lithium battery backup

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Wripli® - Optional

Connects to your filtration system for wireless stats and notifications.

This unit is also available as:

We have many different models and sizes available in this series. Please click the link to view all of the dimensions, capacities, and specifications available for this unit. Your local WaterCare® dealer can help you determine which product is the right fit for your water and home.

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