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Water Softener Salt Delivery Service

Water softening made easy

WaterCare technician adding salt to a water softener

Having trouble remembering when to refill your salt, how much to add, and what type of salt to use? Water softener salt delivery eliminates the hassle and heavy lifting of buying your own salt. To get regular salt deliveries at a time that works for you, schedule your delivery with your local WaterCare dealer.

What To Expect With WaterCare Salt Delivery

You need salt to ensure your WaterCare system is running at peak performance. Our WaterCare water softening experts make sure your salt delivery is seamless and painless, so you can worry about the important stuff.


During delivery, your WaterCare dealer can refill your salt tank, inspect your water treatment system, and more.

Hassle-Free Ordering:

Quickly update delivery preferences with our hassle-free ordering system.

Peace of Mind:

Salt delivery ensures you're getting the right type and amount of salt for your system.

No Heavy Lifting:

Have your bags of salt delivered to your requested drop-off location - even the basement!

Why Do Water Softeners Need Salt?

The simple answer is without salt, your water softener can't remove the minerals calcium and magnesium that cause hard water. Water softening systems remove calcium and magnesium ions from hard water and replace them with sodium ions that eliminate hardness.

Adding salt to your water softener’s brine tank as needed allows for effective water softening that extends the life of your water-using appliances, plumbing, and clothing, and reduces dry skin and hair. To simplify this process, you can set up salt delivery with the WaterCare dealer in your area and have salt delivered to your home at a time that works for your specific system and schedule.

Benefits of Adding Water Softener Salt On Time

Adding salt to your water softener on a routine schedule prevents hard water issues and ensures that you're able to use the right kind of salt for your system. Without a proper concentration of brine to recharge the resin media inside, your softener won't be as effective or efficient and your hard water issues will return.

Signs of Hard Water Issues:

  • Soap scum on showers, baths, and sinks
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Water spots or film on dishes and glassware
  • Shampoo and soap don't lather well
  • Crusty mineral deposits around faucets
  • Low water pressure from faucets
  • Dishwasher or washing machine aren't cleaning like they should

Worried about your water quality? A WaterCare water treatment expert in your area can assess your situation and recommend specific water treatment services based on your needs.

Tired of Running Out of Water Softener Salt?

Get Salt Delivered Right to Your Door

Water softener salt delivery makes it easier to keep your system performing at its best. To get started, contact your local WaterCare dealer to sign up for salt delivery service today.


The cost of water softener salt will depend on the model and size of your water softener. We recommend a six bag minimum for delivery but there is always the option to customize.

Adding too much salt to your water softener system can cause it to not regenerate properly. Meaning, your water softener will not be able to properly filter out the mineral it needs to to create softer water.

If you put the wrong salt in your system, it could result in a "salt bridge." A salt bridge is when an empty space forms between the water and the salt, making the creation of brine ineffective. This will then create the resin to not properly recharge, resulting in hard water in the process.

Yes. If you put too much salt in your water softener tank it can lead to a salt bridge, which is an empty space created between the water and the salt, or worse, salt mush. Salt mush results in crystallization of dissolved salt in the tank causing a thick, salt layer on the bottom of your brine tank. This will not only halt the regeneration process but could also cause a blockage, rendering your system ineffective.

If your water softener runs out of salt, hard water and unwanted minerals will return. You'll also notice the quality of your water will go down. With our salt delivery services, this can easily be prevented with scheduled, on-time delivery.