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Cartridge Filters

Compact & powerful for a beautiful clean

Cartridge filters

Water issues come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully so do the solutions. We proudly offer many types of in-line cartridge filters to tailor your water treatment system to fit your specific needs.

Cartridge filters are a compact and powerful way to remove anything from sediment, odors, or foul tastes from your water. The filter housing offers easy twist-off access to replace the cartridge inside. They even come in a clear variety so you can see the filter working and monitor when the time comes for the cartridge to be changed.

Your local WaterCare® dealer will help you determine exactly what size of filter housing and cartridge are right for your home.

WC Pleated Sediment CartridgeWC_Stringwound SedimentWC RFC odorRemovalWC CarbonBlock Odor