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TotalCare® Water Conditioners

Solve multiple water problems with a single system

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Living in a home that draws water from a well may lead to hardness, manganese, iron, and even unbalanced pH levels. Traditionally, if you were experiencing these issues you would purchase three different systems to remedy them. WaterCare® has the perfect answer.

Our TotalCare® conditioners include a uniquely engineered media called Crystal-Right™. Crystal-Right™ reduces high levels of hardness, iron, and manganese while raising low pH levels.

Water Softening Solutions

TotalCare® - One unit for total care

TotalCare® is unlike any other water conditioner. Using Crystal-Right™, a media exclusive to WaterCare® products, TotalCare® conditioners can resolve hard water minerals, iron, manganese, and acidity. With our patented, Chlorine Generator, which provides automatic cleaning cycles, your worry-free conditioning process is complete!

TotalCare® electronics include the option to enable Wripli®, our convenient WiFi technology. Wripli® allows homeowners to manage water usage, receive notifications, and more from their device.

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TotalCare 1 Conditioner  TotalCare 2 Conditioner

Water Softening Solutions

TotalCare® Twin System - Complete coverage

The advanced Crystal-Right™ media and Chlorine Generator are also available in our twin tank unit, offering the same efficiency for the most demanding homes. Typical single tank units cannot provide treated water during their regeneration cycles. Having a twin tank system ensures that your home will always have conditioned water on demand.

The TotalCare® Twin System also includes the option to enable Wripli®, our convenient WiFi technology. Wripli® brings homeowners the convenience of managing water usage, monitoring system alerts, and more in the palm of their hand. 

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TotalCare Twin Conditioner

How It Works - Total Care Series Self Sanitizing Conditioners

Click a button below to view animations on how TotalCare® Series works to treat the water in your home. See the water conditioning system in action. Talk to a WaterCare dealer about TotalCare® Series water treatment systems today.

Service Position

This is the normal operating position of the conditioner. In this stage or position, untreated water flows through the inlet side of the control valve and down through and across the media. It is at this moment the undesirable minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, etc.) are removed from the water. In some models, the pH of the water can be increased at the same time.

Brine Tank Fill

This is the first cycle in the regeneration cycle. When the system needs to regenerate, it signals the control valve to fill the brine tank with water. Unlike many other systems, the WaterCare system uses conditioned water when making brine solution.

Because the WaterCare systems use a “dry fill” process, salt is less susceptible to “bridging”. Tank sweating is also less likely to result when humid conditions exist. And because conditioned water is used in refill, the tank stays cleaner.


Backwash is a step in the regeneration process where the media in the tank is physically lifted up, spun around and agitated under pressure.

It is cleaned of any particles such as dirt, clay, and precipitated iron which has been filtered out during normal use of the system. The backwash water containing the undesirable particles flow harmlessly to drain.

Brine Draw

This cycle is the rejuvenating or recharging cycle in the regeneration process. Brine is drawn out of the salt tank and passes through the patented chlorine generator in route to the system's media.

While passing through the generator it comes in contact with a small amount of electrical current which in turn creates free chlorine from the chlorides in the brine.

As the chlorinated brine solution flows through the media it disinfects the tank and recharges the media. Most of the chlorine is consumed in the disinfection process. Any leftover chlorine and brine solution is removed during the system's rinse cycle.

Rapid Rinse

This is the final step in the regeneration process. It ensures that any remaining salt and residual chlorine has been rinsed from the unit.

When the cycle is completed, the unit returns to the service position to provide quality conditioned water.