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CareSoft Pro® Twin – Continual Softening

Constant & clean water that saves you money, salt, & more

If you want all the efficiency of a system that eliminates water hardness and minerals but with the added confidence of a reserve tank then look no further than the CareSoft Pro® Twin Softener.

Our exclusive twin technology offers a reserve tank that kicks in when your main tank has reached its softening capabilities. This means that your family has safe, clean water whenever they need it, with one of the most adaptable systems on the market!

How the CareSoft Pro® twin works

The CareSoft Pro Series® is one of the smartest adjustable water softeners available. With our patented electronic IQ2 technology, as the system reaches maximum efficiency, it uses less water and salt, eliminating unwanted minerals and hardness while saving you money!

This high-capacity system lets you enjoy soft water 24/7, affordably and efficiently!

About the CareSoft Pro® twin:

  • Reduces mineral stains on appliances
  • Eliminates foul tastes and odors
  • Improves appliance performance
  • Saves you money on salt and water
  • Monitors your water habits and adjusts performance
  • Employs a reserve tank for continuous clean water


Water Efficient Technology™ - Optional

Creates maximum efficiency, helping you save money on salt and water.

Salt Monitor Icon

Salt Monitor - Optional

Provides the convenience of watching the amount of salt in your system for you.

Water Quality Association Gold Seal certified product

We have many different models and sizes available in this series. Please click the link to view all of the dimensions, capacities, and specifications available for this unit. Your local WaterCare® dealer can help you determine which product is the right fit for your water and home.

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