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Reliable Water Treatment Solutions

Everyday essentials begin with great water

Water touches your life in so many ways. This means your family depends on water that is clean and high-quality every day. Whether you're rinsing vegetables, doing laundry, or drinking a glass from the tap, we provide water that helps you save money. When your water is more efficient, your household is more efficient too!

At WaterCare®, we are dedicated to making your water good for life and have been doing so for the past 60 years. We are recognized as leaders in the water treatment industry, with specially designed treatment systems to provide the water your family deserves. Every WaterCare® product combines efficiency and flexibility to fully satisfy your needs.

Common Water Issues

Hard Water in SinkIs there a white residue on your faucets and fixtures? It's most likely from hard water, which is caused by minerals like calcium that are dissolved in your water.

As it touches surfaces, mineral deposits build up over time. This buildup is not only unsightly but can also reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your appliances. Hardness also affects your skin and hair, causing dryness and cracking.

Relieve your home and family by removing minerals before turning on your tap.

Stained Shower HeadYou take pride in your home, so don't let your water tarnish it. Even the smallest amounts of iron are enough to leave rust stains on your fixtures and laundry.

Iron buildup will cause a metallic taste, making water hard to drink and cook with. High levels of rust buildup can also clog your plumbing.

Installing a WaterCare whole house water filter will make iron a worry of the past!

Green Stained SinkWater's pH balance can easily be affected by the environment. In some areas, water will turn acidic and eat away at your home's plumbing.

As copper pipes deteriorate, the metal residue rests on your sinks, showers, and bathtubs, staining them green. Also, over time, pinhole leaks can occur in the pipes.

Regulate your water's PH with an acid neutralizer system.

Baby PoolDoes your water remind you of a swimming pool? Cities use chlorine when treating water to keep it safe and clean as it travels to your home.

Once it has arrived, these chemicals are no longer needed. Prevent the strong smell, taste, and skin irritation by removing chlorine before using the water.

laundry smells foulSulfur is a naturally occurring substance, but that doesn't mean it is a pleasant one. High levels of sulfur will make your water smell like rotten eggs.

Sulfur in your water can affect the whole home, making bathing a chore, food taste gross, and your laundry smell foul.

A water filter can produce the fresh, pleasant water you expect for your home!

Benefits of Treated Water



Take care of your family with water you can trust - purity that keeps them healthy and happy!

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Your home is a castle, so protect it from damaging water contaminants.

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Spend less with high-quality water solutions from WaterCare®!

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Treatment Solutions

We offer these products.

Two Drops

Water Softeners

Our CareSoft line of products are a worry-free solution to hard water problems.

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Water Conditioners

TotalCare systems provide complete coverage by softening, filtering, and raising pH all at once.

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Filter Swirl

Household Filters

The IonPro line removes whatever may be plaguing your water.

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Drinking Water Systems

Clean up the water you drink at the tap with a water filter.

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