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Treated Water Can Save Me money?

Sunday, February 4th

Treated Water Can Save Me money?

It’s easy to take for granted the many areas inside our home that use water. Whether it’s a refreshing shower after going for a run or watering your lawn, having good quality water can make a big difference on your bank account. Hard water is one of the most notorious water problems that end up costing you big time. Learn more about how a WaterCare softener can help you save by reading below.  

Reduces Energy Bills

Reducing your energy bill is a great thing! Hard water can cause scale build-up that attaches to the heating elements inside your water using appliances, like coffee makers, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters.. When this happens, your appliances will not work efficiently. Essentially the appliance needs work harder and run longer in order for the heat to get through a hard layer of calcium before it is able to get to do the process it was made for. The Department of Energy has stated that water heaters are 10% less efficient when they are used with hard water.

Enough calcium build-up inside your appliances can also do damage to the heating element or other components inside, leading to expensive repairs and replacement parts — or even the need to buy a whole new one!

These hard water mineral deposits ruin more than just your appliances. Shower heads, faucets, your home’s plumbing, and anything else the water touches will be affected as well. The scale build-up can be cleaned by soaking the fixtures in vinegar or other strong acidic cleaners, but over time the harsh chemicals will also lead to the need to replacing those items sooner than expected as well.

You will also see a decrease in your water heating bills because you won’t need to heat water to high temperatures to remove stains or successfully clean your dishes. Studies have shown that soaps and detergents are able function better so you can get your laundry cleaner with cold water if you have soft water.

Increases Home Value

A water softener not only saves you money in your day-to-day routines, but it can actually put more money in your pocket too. Having a water softener or reverse osmosis system installed in your home can increase your home’s value when you want to sell your home.

These are features that many homebuyers look for in their search, knowing the house has been protected from the above reasons and more. Buying a water treatment system is just one less thing they would have to worry about purchasing after the sale of the house. Furthermore, potential buyers feel relieved that they won’t have to deal with the added chores of cleaning the hard water stains off of the sinks, showers, dishes, appliances, etc.

Saves on Soaps and Preserves Clothing

Soft water requires over 50% less detergent to do the same amount of laundry. Detergents do not mix well with hard water, so by using soft water, your detergent is able to last a lot longer. This means you won’t have to purchase detergent as often, and you’ll be getting even cleaner results. You will use less fabric softener for your laundry loads since softer water creates softer clothes.

Hard water can also cause clothes to be stiff, lose their color vibrancy, and wear out faster. Many people who are unsatisfied with how their clothes come out of the wash end up taking their laundry to professional cleaning services, especially for their high-end clothing. If you spend $100 on a new pair of designer jeans, the last thing you want is for them to get ruined while doing laundry. With softened water, you will not have to buy new clothes as often and you can avoid the expensive trips to the cleaners by washing your clothes yourself with water you can trust.

Having soft water is just one of the ways you can save money with good quality water. Contact your local authorized WaterCare dealer today to learn more about how water treatment can help you!