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Soft Water Benefits on Your Home and Appliances

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Many people are not aware of the benefits that soft water can provide. From plumbing, washing dishes, taking a shower or just making a pot of coffee, soft water makes quite a difference in terms of efficiency and cost savings. Here we explain a few of the ways soft water can improve your every day life, including longer-lasting appliances, fewer plumbing issues, and more efficient cleaning.

Appliances Last Longer

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Mineral deposits can buildup on hot water heaters, affect their working parts and decrease their useful life. Water heaters sustain the most damage from lime buildup, and with an extra internal layer, they require more energy over time. Soft water does not leave scale/minerals behind in your water heater. This means that the heating element is directly in contact with the water. Hard water lengthens the time it takes and the amount of electricity needed to heat the water.

Saves on Your Plumbing

The buildup on tubs, shower, sinks, and faucets caused by hard water are only part of the overall problem. Hard water minerals also start to build up inside pipes, fixtures, and appliances over time. The buildup we do not see can cause a wide array of plumbing problems, such as reduced water flow, clogs, and increased stress on pipes and fixtures. Overall, hard water can result in less efficient plumbing and more repairs over time.

Easier Cleaning

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Soap film and detergent build-up in bathtubs and appliances indicate that you are not getting the maximum cleaning action from these products. Soft water not only eliminates these nuisances but also protects appliances and saves cleaning time. Water runs through your appliances just like it circulates through your pipes. Consider how mineral deposits might affect your hot tub, coffee maker, washing machine or refrigerator. that occur with bad water. By installing a water softener you will put less stress on your small and large appliances and plumbing. This will convert to easier cleaning and fewer repairs and replacement costs, saving yourself hard earned money over time.

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