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How To Care For Your Brine Tank

Our line of residential water softeners and treatment systems all come equipped with a brine tank. Typically, the salt within the tank should be around ½ to ¾ full. Caring for your brine tank and maintaining the salt levels are as simple as removing the plastic lid piece at the top of the tank, adding in more salt as needed, and closing the tank back up again--an easy, quick process.

As a rule, conventional water softeners always have water in the brine tank, along with salt. However, with Watercare water treatment systems, there isn’t water in the brine tank during its daily operation and function. About four hours before the operation cycle begins, water is added to the brine tank to dissolve the proper amount of salt. 


Water treatment systems using the medium ‘Zeolite’ must be exclusively treated with ‘solar salt’ within the salt tank. The use of any cleaner or Iron fighting ingredients within the brine tank will damage the system. For water softeners that use a Resin media, homeowners should also only use solar salt within the system. 


To learn more about the process of caring for your brine tank, or are interested in installing a new water softening system--reach out today!