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Monitor Water Treatment Systems with Wripli | WaterCare

Modern life is full of innovations designed to make our day-to-day easier than ever before. With the invention of the internet and the continuous change and new technology in our lives, we now really do have an app for just about everything--but what about your water treatment system?


Our homes depend on our water treatment systems to maintain the health and lifespan of the plumbing and expensive appliances. Untreated water containing dissolved minerals can negatively impact the material of plumbing and appliances over time, causing build-up or otherwise affecting the performance and longevity you would otherwise enjoy.

It’s our firm belief that every homeowner deserves those same cutting-edge digital solutions for your water treatment system--which is why we’re proud to introduce you to Wripli! Wripli is an exclusive wifi technology available on our advanced water care systems. Using Wripli allows you to monitor your water treatment system with the touch of a button, any time, anywhere.


With Wripli, you can:

  • Monitor water usage,
  • View the system’s status,
  • Receive salt reminders,
  • And even turn on ‘Vacation Mode’!

You can even pair Wripli with our water efficiency feature, to see exactly how much water and salt you’re saving! All of our technology is smart these days, so why should your water treatment system be any different? To learn more, reach out today!