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Water Testing – The first step to better water

Understanding the quality of your water

Testing Sample

Water is an ever-changing resource, especially if your water is coming from a well. Since environmental conditions are always shifting, they will affect what is in your water, making once a year testing critical in order to fully understand its condition. At WaterCare®, we can perform a number of home water tests, with some others being sent to our laboratory for further analysis.

Regardless of what your water needs to be tested for, your authorized WaterCare® dealer can help. We can also help interpret the results and provide you with proven technology to alleviate any concerns that may arise.

Water testing services from WaterCare®

  • Our independent laboratory can provide detailed, simplified reports on the quality of your water
  • Basic water tests can detect a number of contaminants, including:
    • Non-harmful contaminants (such as hardness, iron and manganese)
    • Broad spectrum analysis, identifying various in-organics (such as lead, copper, and arsenic)
    • Coliform and E-coli bacteria
    • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

After your local WaterCare® dealer tests your water, they can then tailor a system that’s perfect for your specific water problems. That is how we make water good for life.