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WaterCare Dealers in Georgia

Below is a list of all WaterCare® dealers in Georgia. To contact the professional serving your specific location, enter your zip code above or fill in our contact form, and your local representative will be in touch.

1110 Commerce Dr. Suite 101
Greensboro, GA 30642
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463155 State Road 200
Yulee, FL 32097


Northeast Florida: including Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island.

Southeast Georgia: including St. Marys.

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Each Georgia water treatment dealer listed here has been authorized by WaterCare®, a leader in the industry for over 50 years. These independently owned and operated companies offer water treatment solutions, including water testing and installing and servicing water conditioning, softening, filtration, and drinking water systems. View each company profile for service offerings and Georgia service area details.

What are the causes & signs of water problems in Georgia?

Hard water: Too much calcium, magnesium, and other metals can cause hardness in Georgia water. Symptoms of hard water include spots on glasses, scale buildup on faucets or showerheads, dry skin or hair, dingy laundry, and problems with plumbing or water-using appliances.

Other water quality problems: Issues with water quality in Georgia can be caused by various excess minerals or contaminants. Water quality issues vary by location. Whether it’s low pH, hardness, chlorine, iron, sulfur, lead, nitrates, or radon, your local WaterCare® dealer can diagnose your specific water problems and help you with a long-term solution that best fits your needs and budget.

WaterCare® Products & Water Treatment Services in Georgia

The Georgia water treatment specialists in the WaterCare® network know your local water conditions. They have the expertise, training, and experience to diagnose your water problem and provide custom water softening, filtration, or treatment solutions and services designed for your unique water concerns.

Water Treatment Solutions:

  • Water Conditioning
  • Water Softening
  • Whole-House Water Filtration
  • Exclusive Water Conditioners, Softeners & Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Testing
  • Salt Delivery

Treated Water Benefits:

  • Cleaner, Softer Water
  • Longer Lasting Appliances
  • Better-Tasting Drinking Water
  • Increased Home Value
  • Money Savings
  • Smoother Skin & Hair
  • Protection & Peace of Mind
  • Softer Towels, Blankets & Linens

Not sure where to start? Learn about the benefits of home water testing and schedule your free, in-home analysis with your local, authorized WaterCare® dealer.

Tips for Hiring a Georgia Water Conditioning or Filtration Dealer

Worried about the quality of your drinking water or the rotten egg smell coming from your sink or shower? Whether you’re constantly spending money on bottled water or scrubbing hard water stains from your toilet, it’s time for a change. 

Many do-it-yourself water filtration and treatment solutions are on the market, but choosing the right solution for your unique water problems can be tricky. Water quality issues vary widely by location. An experienced water treatment dealer should be contacted to ensure all water quality issues are fixed. The best water conditioner, softener, or filter for your home depends on your plumbing, water usage, and water test results. Don’t wait until your water concerns get worse. Whether it’s hard water, bad-tasting water, or something else, contact your area's Georgia water treatment expert for help today.

Consider qualifications, reputation, and work quality

Hiring a water treatment dealer differs from choosing a plumber. A qualified water treatment professional specializes in planning, designing, installing, and maintaining systems that soften, filter or condition your water. 

By choosing an authorized dealer in the WaterCare® network, you’ll get help from a local Georgia company that’s up to date on the latest water treatment technology and practices, ensuring the expert installation and service of your water softener, filter, conditioner, or drinking water system. WaterCare® dealers are adequately insured and licensed where required, have a track record for providing quality services in their communities, and can offer the strongest WaterCare® product warranties. With these qualifications, you can know you’re getting the best quality water for your home.

Demand high-quality water softener and filtration products

Your Georgia WaterCare® dealer has exclusive access to patented products designed to make water good for life. Such solutions include our CareSoft series water softeners, IonPro and CareClear water filters, and TotalCare water conditioners. Other water treatment products include WaterCare® drinking water systems and commercial water filtration systems. 

Your water conditioner, filter, or softener system is only as good as the installation. When you choose a WaterCare® product, your system will be expertly installed by a trained professional. Our installers are friendly and efficient and will come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you.

How does water conditioner installation in Georgia work?

Getting the best water conditioner, softener, or filter installation starts with finding a qualified and experienced dealer. Your home water treatment system is only as good as the installation. When you choose a WaterCare® product, your system will be expertly installed by a trained professional. Our installers are friendly and efficient and will come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you.

  1. Request a free, in-home consultation and water test
  2. Tell us your needs and concerns
  3. Review the results of your water test
  4. Schedule your water treatment system installation
  5. Enjoy the highest quality water - and peace of mind! 

The Georgia WaterCare® dealer near you is ready to help you find the right solution for your water needs and concerns. Each local dealer offers a free, in-home consultation and water test. Call or fill out the contact form to request a free water test or service. Check out the profiles of the Georgia water treatment companies listed here for details on their services and highlights of their work, experience, and credentials. Make your water good for life with a custom solution from the WaterCare® water expert near you.