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WaterCare Dealers in Louisiana

Below is a list of all WaterCare® dealers in Louisiana. To contact the professional serving your specific location, enter your zip code above or fill in our contact form, and your local representative will be in touch.

Scott, LA 70583
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Whether your home has hard water, high pH water, radon in water, or other water quality issues, WaterCare® is the trusted expert to solve these problems. WaterCare® has been a leader in the water treatment industry for over 50 years. They authorize each dealer throughout Louisiana for water testing and water conditioner, softener, filtration system, and drinking water system installations.

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Hiring the Right Water Treatment Company in Louisiana?

Foul rotten egg odors, staining on fixtures and water-using appliances, and a bitter taste are signs of water quality issues in Louisiana. When homeowners realize this, they often turn to do-it-yourself water treatment systems and filters, not realizing these won't completely address the entire issue. But there is no reason to worry. Your Louisiana WaterCare® dealer is specially qualified to help!

Our experts know the home's location, build, and plumbing can all impact water quality. That's why they look at the pipes, water test results, and water usage before touching anything. This information helps them develop a custom solution that addresses your situation, ensuring your water conditioner, softener, filter, or other treatment system provides results you can count on.

Don't wait for your home's water problems to worsen. From hard water to bad-tasting drinking water or hazardous water contamination, your Louisiana area water treatment expert can help!

The qualifications, reputation & work quality

While a plumber and water treatment professional offer similar services, one is more qualified to address contamination and other impurities in your water supply. Here are some reasons why choosing a specialist can be more beneficial when looking for quality water treatment solutions:

  • With their specialized knowledge, they provide more quality care by planning, designing, and installing the perfect water treatment system that fully addresses your needs.
  • Since WaterCare® dealers are familiar with the exclusive water treatment systems, they can return for maintenance and ensure long-lasting benefits.
  • Authorized Louisiana WaterCare® dealers deliver the most innovative water treatment technologies and practices, ensuring expert results on your water treatment installation.
  • They are insured and licensed and have a track record for providing quality services to their communities.
  • Our dealers offer strong product warranties, so you can be sure you're getting the best water treatment solutions!

Reliable water softening, conditioning & other water treatment services

Whether your home has water hardness, contaminants in water, chlorine-tasting drinking water, or other water quality concerns, your Louisiana WaterCare® dealer offers complete solutions to address these problems and more, including:

Did you know that even the perfect water treatment system is only as good as the installation? That's why all patented WaterCare® products come complete with a professional installation by a trained water treatment expert. After you schedule a free, in-home consultation and water test, we can develop a custom water treatment solution to address your unique issues. After, we set up an installation appointment, where you choose a convenient time — and our friendly crew arrives on time to handle the rest!

What are the signs of water problems in Louisiana?

Water quality can be impacted by excess minerals, contaminants or impurities, the home's location, hardness, pH levels, iron, chlorine, etc. But your Louisiana WaterCare® dealer is specially trained and uniquely qualified to diagnose these problems through thorough water testing, helping them to recommend long-term water treatment solutions that best fit your needs and budget.

  • Water hardness: If water has excess calcium, magnesium, and other metals, this causes water hardness. Common signs of hard water include spots on drinking glasses, scale buildup around faucets or shower heads, dry skin or hair, drab laundry, plumbing problems, or issues with water-using appliances.
  • Water contamination: The most common water impurities include nitrates, arsenic, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, aluminum, and fluoride. Their concentrations and the time exposed will impact the severity of how you're affected, causing health problems like dementia, digestive issues, skin conditions, weakening enamel in teeth, cancers, blood disorders, other serious illnesses, and even death.
  • High or low pH: When water has high pH levels, it leaves a bitter taste and causes pipes and other water-using appliances to be encrusted with deposits. Water with a low pH causes pipe corrosion, leading to the dissolved metals and other substances impacting the water.
  • High chlorine levels: High chlorine levels cause nausea, stomach issues, throat irritation, irritated skin, brittle hair, cloudy or discolored water, chlorine-smelling and tasting water, and brown rust on water-using appliances, drains, and other fixtures.

Water Treatment Services & Systems in Louisiana

Water quality and other conditions will impact your water treatment services approach. Louisiana WaterCare® dealers have the skill and training to identify water quality issues and impurities accurately. They can then recommend the best plan to resolve your water problems.

Water Treatment Solutions:

  • Water Conditioners
  • Water Softeners
  • Whole-House Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Testing
  • Salt Delivery

Benefits of Water Treatment:

  • Cleaner & Softer Water
  • Longer Lasting & Efficient Appliances
  • Better-Tasting Drinking Water
  • Increased Home Value & Comfort
  • Cost Savings
  • Smooth, Comfortable Skin & Hair
  • Healthier Water & Peace of Mind
  • Softer Towels, Blankets & Linens

Ready for cleaner, healthier, and better-tasting water? Learn about home water testing or schedule a free, in-home analysis with your local, authorized WaterCare® dealer!

WaterCare® Water Treatment Systems in Louisiana

The water treatment quality starts with a reliable installation. Even if you have the best water conditioner, softener, or filter on the market, it will only operate as well as it was installed. That's where your Louisiana WaterCare® dealer comes in.

WaterCare® dealers offer complete water treatment solutions with professional installations by trained crews. Our friendly experts arrive at the appointment on time, scheduled when it is most convenient for you!

Our water treatment process:

  1. Schedule a free, in-home consultation and water testing
  2. We discuss your needs, questions, and concerns during your appointment
  3. We review the water test results and recommend a custom water treatment solution
  4. Schedule a water treatment system installation
  5. Our crew cleans up so you can enjoy healthy, quality water — and peace of mind!

Contact us online to schedule a free water test and consultation. You can also look at the profiles listed here for more details on their water treatment services, work highlights, experience, and credentials.