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WaterCare Dealers in Bruce Crossing, MI

20287 US Highway 45 N
Bruce Crossing, MI 49912

Upper Peninsula of Michigan: Including Houghton, Bruce Crossing, Negaunee, Iron Mountain, Munising, and Ironwood

Your local WaterCare® dealer in Bruce Crossing, MI is Wandels' WaterCare®

The main water utility in Bruce Crossing is Gogebic Range Water Authority, which is a cooperative association of Bessemer Township, Wakefield Township, Ironwood Township, and the City of Wakefield. In Michigan, the water authority has intakes in Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair, and the Detroit River. Most other Michigan residents get their water from groundwater sources, about half through a public water supply and the other half through private wells.

Where you get your water impacts your health more than you think. In fact, some water contaminants common in this area can cause health issues, especially for children, those who are pregnant, and immunocompromised people, leading to sickness, cancer, liver problems, kidney issues, birth defects, and more. That's why WaterCare® provides quick and professional water testing and treatment solutions. We create cleaner, safer water that everyone deserves!

We have more than 50 years of water treatment expertise. That means you can have confidence that your local Bruce Crossing, MI water treatment contractor can perform a water test, accurately identifying your unique water quality issues. After, they will design and install a customized water softener, water conditioner, reverse osmosis, water filter, or other water treatment solutions for your home or business. So, if you're ready to get good water for life, start today with a free water test and personalized estimate from your Bruce Crossing WaterCare® dealer!

Common water quality issues in Bruce Crossing, MI

According to an Annual Village of Ontonagon Water Quality Report, Michigan tap and bottled water are supplied from lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells. When water travels on the land's surface or underground, minerals and other contaminants will dissolve, including radioactive materials, substances from animals, materials from sewage treatment plants, and more. These contaminants have been known to cause cancer, liver problems, kidney issues, birth defects, sickness, and other health concerns. Children, pregnant people, and those who are immunocompromised are especially vulnerable.

Water quality issues that can be solved with water filtration & water treatment:

  • Bacteria, viruses & microbial contaminants
  • Salts, metals & inorganic particulates
  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • Synthetic & volatile organic compounds from industrial operations
  • Radioactive contaminants that are naturally occurring or resulting from oil & gas production
  • Rotten egg/sulfuric, fishy, musty, moldy, or other foul tastes & odors
  • Cloudy or rusty water
  • And more!

Your Water Treatment Options

Test and treat your water today! From identifying and eliminating the source of bad tastes, odors, stains, and rusty water, our wide range of patented water treatment solutions has provided homes and businesses in Bruce Crossing, MI with cleaner, healthier water, and many other benefits.

Water Treatment Solutions:

  • Water Softening
  • Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis and Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Conditioner
  • Commercial Water Systems
  • Wripli® - Remote Access to Water Usage, Salt Level Monitoring, and Away Mode

Water Quality Benefits:

  • Continuous Supply of Cleaner, Healthier, Better-Tasting Water
  • Soap Scum and Residue, Scaling, and Hard Water Spots Prevented
  • Longer-Lasting Water Appliances
  • Fewer Plumbing Issues
  • Healthier Skin and Hair
  • Money Savings and Reduced Waste

Next Steps to Better Quality Water

WaterCare® offers products to address every significant water quality problem, including hard water, high or low pH, or harmful bacteria or contaminants. The best water treatment contractor in Bruce Crossing can diagnose the source of the problem and has the training, expertise, and experience to design and install an effective system that meets your home’s unique needs.

  1. Schedule a free water test
    Have your home’s water tested to understand your specific water issues better. WaterCare® professionals can provide a FREE basic in-home water test to check for water hardness, iron, or pH imbalances. Additional tests can be performed to check the water for lead, copper, arsenic, manganese, nitrates, TDS, or sulfur.
    Contact us today to request a free water test and estimate from your local WaterCare® dealer.

  2. Review water test results
    Discuss the results of your water test with your water treatment specialist. They will recommend the right solutions for your water quality issues and needs.

  3. Get a quote for a customized water treatment solution
    Get a detailed cost estimate of the recommended water treatment solution. When you choose a water treatment company in the WaterCare® network, you’ll get upfront pricing, expert installation, and honest, quality service.

  4. Enjoy the benefits of treated water!
    After your water treatment system is installed, enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water, and longer-lasting, more efficient water appliances.

Bruce Crossing’s Trusted Water Treatment Dealer

Problems with your water? Get help from a company that’s been an industry leader in water treatment innovation and solutions for over 50 years. Your WaterCare® professional in Bruce Crossing can resolve your water quality issues. Whether you want to clean and treat the water from your kitchen faucet or throughout your whole house, the priority is to find out what’s in your water. Request a free in-home water test with your local, authorized water treatment company to get the best solution for your family's water quality needs.

Why WaterCare®?

  • Full-Service Water Care: From water testing, treatment, system repair and maintenance, and salt delivery, WaterCare® dealers can handle all your water quality needs.
  • Customized Solutions: No two water systems are alike, so trained and experienced water treatment contractors have the know-how to combine water softeners, filters, conditioners, reverse osmosis, and drinking water systems to create the right solution for your home.
  • Exclusive Patented Products: Your local authorized WaterCare® dealer offers a range of patented, time-tested products that aren’t available to other water system contractors.
  • Trained Installers & Technicians: The contractors in the WaterCare® network have proven water treatment expertise and extensive product installation and service training.
  • Protection & Peace of Mind: WaterCare®’s water softeners, filters, conditioners, and drinking water systems are backed by warranties, and WaterCare® dealers are qualified and trained to perform maintenance on WaterCare® systems.

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