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WaterCare Dealers in Wyckoff, NJ

537 Goffle Rd
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Northern New Jersey: including Glen Rock, Midland Park, Hoboken, and Newark.
1230 State Rt 23
Butler, NJ 07405

Whether your home or business has bacteria, chemicals, hard water, foul odors, nasty tastes, or other water quality issues, the Wyckoff WaterCare® dealer is the professional water treatment company providing quick and efficient solutions. They start with free water testing, to identify water problems. After, they'll design the best water treatment system for your unique situation. With proven-effective and exclusive solutions, you can rest easy knowing you'll have safer, more enjoyable water right from the tap.
Schedule free water testing and a water treatment consultation to get started with WaterCare® today! They provide innovative, patented systems and solutions, including water softeners, water conditioners, drinking water systems, water filters, salt delivery services, and more, throughout Wyckoff.

Common water problems in Wyckoff, NJ

Ridgewood Water is responsible for the water supply in Wyckoff, NJ. In 2022, Wyckoff and many areas nearby started a $2.8 million project to treat Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS) in water systems. PFAS are toxic, man-made contaminants that leach into the water supply from paint, furniture, cleaning solutions, and other products. Exposure to PFAS in drinking water can lead to many health problems, including developmental defects, reproductive issues, immune system problems, liver damage, cancer, and more.
But there's no reason to worry. WaterCare® dealers know the perfect way to treat PFAS is with activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis filtration, which are features in our drinking water systems. Our CareSoft Elite® and CareSoft Pro® water softeners also feature a carbon filter.

Other water quality issues in Wyckoff include:

  • Chlorine: Chlorine is used by water supply companies to disinfect water. But once it reaches your property, it is no longer needed. Exposure to chlorine can lead to skin and eye irritation, nasty smells and tastes, respiratory infections, and more. Our dealers treat high levels of chlorine with reverse osmosis filtration and carbon filters, featured in our drinking water systems. The CareSoft Elite RC® and CareSoft Pro RC® water softeners feature carbon filters as well.
  • Lead contamination: This comes from old lead pipes of solder used in plumbing. In fact, New Jersey has 350,000 lead pipes that connect a water main to a home or school. Lead contamination can cause developmental delays, cognitive impairment, hyperactivity and aggression, anemia, kidney damage, neurological disorders, and reproductive issues. Our dealers recommend reverse osmosis filtration, carbon filters, and whole-house water filters to treat lead in water.
  • Hard water: In areas with chalk and limestone, there is often hard water. Our dealers find excess calcium and magnesium ions inside the water. Signs of hard water include scale buildup on pipes, appliances, and plumbing systems, soap scum, soap that doesn't lather well, and dry and irritated skin and hair. The scale buildup can lead to broken down, less-efficient appliances and plumbing problems. We recommend our innovative line of water softeners to treat hard water.
  • Radon: This naturally occurring contaminant dissolves in groundwater and enters the drinking water. Exposure to radon in water can lead to stomach cancer. We recommend carbon filtration for homes with radon in water.
  • Arsenic: This is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, soil, and groundwater. Exposure to arsenic in water can lead to skin lesions, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and an increased risk of skin cancer, bladder cancer, and lung cancer. Reverse osmosis filtration is recommended for this water quality issue and is featured in our drinking water systems.

Are you worried about these water quality problems impacting your property? Contact your local WaterCare® dealer to schedule free water testing! Once they identify your unique water problems, they will design a personalized water treatment solution.

Innovative Water Softeners, Water Filters & Water Treatment Systems

 Free water testing & patented treatment solutions! Never worry about nasty tastes, foul odors, rust, high/low PH, bacteria, contaminants, and other water quality issues in your Wyckoff, NJ home again with the help of your local WaterCare® dealer! They will accurately diagnose water quality issues with free water testing. After, they will personalize a complete water treatment system for your unique situation.

Water Treatment Services:

  • Water Softeners
  • Water Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Conditioners
  • Commercial Water Treatment Systems
  • Wripli® - Remote Water Usage Tracking, Salt Level Monitoring, and Away Mode
  • Ozone Generator in Ion Pro Water Filters - Converts Air to Ozone as a Natural Sterilizer
  • Chlorine Generator in Premier Water Softeners and Water Conditioners - Eliminates Algae, Mold, and Bacteria

Water Quality Benefits:

  • Clean, Healthy, Better-Tasting Water Right From the Faucet
  • Will Prevent Soap Scum and Residue, Scaling, and Hard Water Spots
  • Will Ensure Longer-Lasting Water Appliances
  • Fewer Plumbing Problems, Including Clogged Pipes
  • Healthier, More Comfortable Skin and Hair
  • Saves You Money and Reduces Waste

What to Expect from Water Treatment Services

Whether your home or business has PFAS, high/low PH, hard water, bacteria, or other water problems, our WaterCare® dealers are ready to provide quality water treatment solutions with state-of-the-art systems. They will identify unique water quality issues with thorough water testing and recommend a customized solution for your unique situation.

  1. Free, on-site water testing
    With free water testing, WaterCare® dealers can better understand your home or property's water quality issues. They will check for hard water, iron, or pH imbalances. If needed, they can also perform additional water tests for lead, copper, arsenic, manganese, nitrates, TDS, or sulfur.
    Contact us today to request a free water test and estimate from your local WaterCare® dealer.

  2. Review & explain water test results
    After your WaterCare® specialist receives your water test results, they will go over them with you, explain your unique problems, and answer any questions you may have.  After, they recommend a custom water treatment solution that's perfect for your property.

  3. Free estimate on a customized water treatment system
    After recommending a personalized water treatment solution, they will provide a free, detailed service estimate.

  4. Start enjoying cleaner, healthier water!
    With upfront pricing, expert water treatment installations, and attentive service, it's no wonder why people trust WaterCare® dealers! You can start enjoying safer, better-tasting water and longer-lasting, more efficient water appliances with our state-of-the-art water treatment systems!

Wyckoff's Professional Water Treatment Company

If your home or property has foul-smelling, bad-tasting water, low/high PH, water leaving rust stains, water with toxins or bacteria, or other water quality issues, don't hesitate to contact your local WaterCare® dealer for help. WaterCare® has provided industry-leading water treatment systems and solutions for over 50 years.  So, you can have peace of mind that our specialists can fix any water problem in Wyckoff.
From water filtration in the kitchen to a whole-home water softener or a reverse osmosis drinking water system for a commercial property, our experts help you identify unique water quality issues and develop customized water treatment systems. Get a free in-home water test with your local, authorized water treatment company to learn more!

Why WaterCare®?

  • Full-Service Water Treatment: WaterCare® specialists offer full-service support during every phase of your water treatment project, from water testing to water treatment system maintenance or salt delivery services.
  • Personalized Water Treatment Systems: Sometimes you need more than one system to eliminate water problems. That is why WaterCare® dealers recommend personalized water treatment systems, combining water softeners, water filters, water conditioners, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems to create the perfect solution for your home or building.
  • Exclusive, Patented Products: You can't get our state-of-the-art water treatment systems anywhere else. Only authorized dealers can offer patented and proven WaterCare® systems, including water filters, water softeners, water conditioners, and drinking water systems.
  • Trained Installers & Technicians: WaterCare® dealers have the professional product installation and service training and expertise to ensure a quality installation and lasting results.
  • Protection & Peace of Mind: Once our local WaterCare® dealer installs your water softener, water filter, water conditioner, and drinking water system, you will have peace of mind knowing our solutions are backed by industry-leading warranties and will receive ongoing maintenance from qualified and trained specialists.

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