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Sippel Water Care

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Sippel WaterCare specializes in water filtration solutions for common water quality issues such as staining, hard water spots, and odors. From water softeners, iron filters, pH neutralizers, to reverse osmosis, we have the latest technology and training so our knowledgeable staff can advise you on the best products & services for your needs.

As your local Authorized WaterCare® water treatment dealership, we offer a complete line of products made in the USA and engineered to last. You can trust our experienced water experts to provide you with a range of honest, quality services that will help address your local water concerns. We specialize in helping homeowners and businesses with:
  • Purchasing & Installing New Systems
  • Providing softener salt
  • Servicing existing equipment
  • Testing your water
  • And more

By Ashley M.
"Thank You for making my water safe to drink again!"
By Craig H.
"Highly recommend by trusted sources"
By Trevor S.
"Donovan is an expert in his field. You can trust them to do..."
By John W.
John Y.
Salem, OR
Joe, I just wanted to Thank You for the excellent customer service and great water you have given us. The...
Milo M.
Salem, OR
I love my RO Water
Ericka S.
Salem, OR
We had Sippel Water care install a water softener for our home. Donovan and team were a pleasure to work with...
Sippel Water Care Before & After
  • Well Pump Pressure Tank Replacement and Sulfur Filter Installation
    Well Pump Pressure Tank Replacement and Sulfur Filter Installation

    Well Pump Pressure Tank Replacement and Sulfur Filter Installation

    After more than ten years of dealing with sulfur odor in their well water, our customer finally had enough of the rotten egg smell. The IonPro sulfur filter system we installed with an ozone generator option treats the sulfur problem for the entire house.  We also replaced their pressure tank which had a failed bladder with a new Flexcon Flex-Lite pressure tank, replaced the pvc plumbing with pex pipe and moved the equipment around to create more space in the customers garage.
Floyd Sippel

Floyd Sippel


Donovan Sippel

Donovan Sippel

General Manager/Water Systems Specialist

Kevin Mangers

Kevin Mangers

Office Manager/Water Quality Specialist