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Alamo Water Softeners

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Alamo Water Softeners was founded in 2009 and built on integrity and quality. They offer complete water treatment systems in Southeast Texas, including water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis systems, and more. From municipal water to well water, Alamo Water Softeners has the right solution for your water problems.

Alamo Water Softeners is an authorized WaterCare® dealer in the Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio areas of Texas. Call today for your free in-home consultation with one of their water experts!

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Hard Water in Greater Houston, TX

Hard water is common in Texas. If you have dry skin and hair, stiff clothes, frequent plumbing problems, or water that leaves stains on dishes, clothing, and fixtures, these are some signs of hard water. Hard water and other water problems can lead to discomfort, health issues, and costly plumbing and appliance repairs.

But there is no reason to worry. As an authorized WaterCare® dealer, Alamo Water Softeners understands the problems hard water can cause throughout your home, and they have the right solution to give you soft water. Call today in the San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Corpus Christi areas to schedule your free water test!

Why Choose a Southeast Texas WaterCare® Dealer?

Your authorized WaterCare® dealer in Southeast Texas offers water treatment solutions with a range of benefits, including:

  • Local Installation by Trained, Experienced Water Treatment Specialists
  • Free Water Testing & Estimates on Water Treatment Systems - Contact Today!
  • Innovative Water Treatment Products: Water Softeners, Water Filtration, Reverse Osmosis Systems & More
  • Direct Contractor Financing Options for Qualified Borrowers

Water Treatment Services:

  • In-Home Water Treatment Consultation:I Experts from Alamo Water Softeners will come to your home to assess your water problems, conduct water testing, determine where a water treatment system will best fit, and provide an estimate for water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis systems, and more.
  • Water Treatment Installation: Factory-trained technicians will install your equipment, including water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis systems, and more.
  • Salt Delivery: Alamo Water Softeners will do more than just deliver your salt. With their salt delivery, you know you are getting the right salt for your specific water treatment system. Technicians will also fill your brine tank and complete a basic performance and maintenance check on your system to ensure it is running at peak performance.
  • Water Treatment Service & Repair: Regular service helps protect your investment and helps ensure your water softener, water filter, reverse osmosis, or other water treatment system is operating well. Alamo Water Softeners will repair and service water treatment systems in the Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi areas.
  • Water Testing: You never truly know your home's water problems until you have water testing. The professionals at Alamo Water Softeners will test your water and recommend the right solution so you have great quality water at home.

Water Treatment Products Installed:

  • CareSoft Elite® Water Softeners
  • CareSoft Elite RC® Water Softeners
  • CareSoft Elite® Twin Water Softeners
  • CareSoft Elite RC® Twin Water Softeners
  • TotalCare® Water Conditioners
  • Ion Pro® Water Filters
  • ONE™ Cartridge Filters

Service Area:

Alamo Water Softeners serves Southeast Texas, including Bexar County, Kendall County, Atascosa County, Comal County, Banco County, Guadalupe County, and Kerr County. Homeowners in the following cities and surrounding areas can call Alamo Water Softeners for an in-home consultation: Corpus Christi, Victoria, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Seguin, Rosenberg, Waco, Temple, New Braunfels, and nearby. Call today!

Free Water Testing & Water Treatment Estimates in San Antonio, TX & Nearby

With the prevalence of hard water in Texas, having soft water in your home will help your skin and hair feel smoother and help your appliances last longer. Resolving other common water problems will also lead to healthier, more enjoyable water overall.

Alamo Water Softeners, an authorized WaterCare® dealer, can help! We proudly offer water testing and water treatment to the San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Corpus Christi areas.