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WaterCare Dealers in Altoona, WI

620 North Hillcrest Parkway
Altoona, WI 54720
Western Wisconsin: including Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Altoona, Rice Lake

Altoona, WI’s Water Softener & Water Treatment Company

Your local WaterCare® dealer in Altoona, WI is Gibson's WaterCare

Water problems can significantly affect your health and quality of life. Common water quality issues, such as bacteria, industrial contaminants, sulfur, excess minerals, and radon, can cause illness, a nasty taste, foul odors, itchy skin, dry hair, stains on clothes, and other problems. Even worse, pregnant people, children, and those who are immunocompromised are especially at risk.

That's where the specially-trained Altoona dealers from WaterCare® can help! They offer proven water testing and treatment solutions to create cleaner, safer water. Their custom-designed water treatment systems will fit your situation! When you trust a WaterCare® dealer, you are choosing a company with 50 years in the water treatment industry. So you can have absolute confidence in the skill of your Altoona, WI dealer!

Get free water testing and a water treatment consultation to identify potential water problems in your property. With this information, they can develop and install a customized water treatment solution, such as the patented water softener, water conditioner, reverse osmosis, or water filter.

Water problems in Altoona, WI

Unfortunately, Altoona, WI has seen its fair share of water contamination. Recently, an owner of a private landfill was found illegally dumping leachate into Sixmile Creek, which drains into Lake Altoona, according to an article titled, Community members share concerns about possible water pollutants, published July 26, 2023 by WEAU 13 News. Leachate is any water that comes in contact with waste. Long-term exposure to chemicals and heavy metals in leachate can cause serious harm, including abdominal pain, constipation, chronic nephropathy, hypertension, and cancer.

Plus, the Eau Claire City-County Health Department says bacteria and nitrate are two of the most common water problems in Eau Claire County - and homeowners should get water testing every year. Bacteria and nitrates can lead to increased heart rate, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, nausea, headaches, fever, fatigue, and, in some cases, death.

Our Approach to Water Treatment

When it comes to the unique water quality issues in Altoona, WI, no one is more equipped to help than your local WaterCare® dealer. We install high-performance reverse osmosis systems that eliminate dark brown or black tints, metals, sludge, and chemicals associated with leachate, ensuring safer, more enjoyable water.

Our reverse osmosis systems as well as CareClear® and Ion Pro® filters purify water, protecting your home or business from bacteria, nitrates, and other microorganisms. Get started on your water testing and treatment today!

Water Treatment Solutions:

  • Water Softeners
  • Whole-House Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis & Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Conditioners
  • Commercial Water Treatment Systems
  • Wripli® - Online Monitoring for Flow Rate, Water Usage, Salt Levels & More
  • W.E.T.™ - Ensures Water Softeners Only Use the Necessary Amounts of Water & Salt
  • Crystal-Right™ - Multi-Functioning Media Exclusively in TotalCare Water Conditioners
  • Chlorine generator - Creates Chlorine from Salt in a Premier Conditioner or Softener's Brine Solution
  • Inch Worm™ - In Ion Pro® Air-Charged Filters to Gently & Quietly Release Air When Switching to Backwash
  • Ozone Generator - In Ion Pro® Filters, Uses Air Drawn In & Converts it to Ozone

Water Quality Benefits:

  • Cleaner, Healthier & Better-Tasting Water Whenever Needed
  • Prevents Soap Scum, Residue, Scaling & Hard Water Spots
  • Enhances the Lifespan of Water-Using Appliances
  • Fewer Plumbing Issues & Drain Clogs
  • Healthier, More Comfortable Skin & Hair
  • Reduces Waste & Saves Money

Cleaner, Healthier Water Quality in Altoona

Regardless of your home or property's water problems, your local water treatment dealer in Altoona offers thorough water testing to accurately identify and treat anything, including hard water, high or low pH, harmful bacteria, nitrates, leachate, or other contaminants. Your local water treatment company has the skills, professional training, and exclusive solutions to confidently design and install effective water treatment systems that meet your unique needs and budget.

  1. Free water testing & consultations
    Free water testing will help your local water treatment company learn more about your home or property's unique water quality issues. The basic water test detects hardness, iron, or pH imbalances. Additional water testing will check for lead, copper, arsenic, manganese, nitrates, TDS, or sulfur if needed. Request a water test and estimate from your local WaterCare® dealer at no cost today!
  2. Reviewing water test results & designing a solution
    After the local water treatment dealer gets the results from your water test, they review everything with you and design the perfect solution for your specific water problems.
  3. Free estimates for custom-designed water treatment systems
    Once the local water treatment company develops a custom-designed water treatment solution for your unique situation, they will also provide a free written estimate. Our dealers ensure upfront pricing, professional installations, and reliable service every step of the way!
  4. Safer & more enjoyable water
    After the local dealer installs your water softener, water filter, reverse osmosis system, or other water treatment solution, you will reap the benefits of safer, cleaner water, including better health, healthier skin, less stains on clothes, fixtures, and appliances, longer-lasting appliances, fewer plumbing repairs, and other more!

Trusted Water Treatment Company in Altoona

Never worry about leachate, bacteria, nitrates, hard water, high or low pH, sulfur, foul tastes, nasty smells, or other water problems with your Altoona WaterCare® dealer! With thorough water testing and water treatment solutions proven effective over 50 years, you can have absolute confidence in their skills and ability to create healthier, more enjoyable water for your property.

We find solutions for your unique situation, from treating water at the kitchen sink to whole-house water filtration. Schedule a free, on-site water test with your authorized WaterCare® water treatment dealer to learn more!

Why choose WaterCare®?

  • Complete Water Treatment Services: From on-site water testing to new water treatment system installations or water softener maintenance, your local WaterCare® dealer can provide these solutions and more!
  • Custom Water Treatment Solutions: No one's water quality issues are the same. That is why our local dealers never offer one-size-fits-all water treatment solutions. We can combine water softeners, water filters, water conditioners, reverse osmosis, and drinking water systems to create a solution that fits your unique situation!
  • Proven, Patented Products: Authorized WaterCare® dealers provide exclusive, patented products unlike anything in the water treatment industry and have been proven effective for over 50 years!
  • Professionally-Trained Specialists: Water treatment systems can only do so much without proper installation, testing, and maintenance. Local dealers provide proven water treatment solutions with professional installation services from experts in the WaterCare® network. We ensure extensive product installation and service training!
  • Clean Water & Peace of Mind: WaterCare® water treatment products come with manufacturer warranties, professional installations, and maintenance from qualified local dealers. This includes water softeners, filters, conditioners, and drinking water systems.

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