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WaterCare Dealers in San Antonio, TX

3823 Thousand Oaks Drive
San Antonio, TX 78217
Southeast Texas: including San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, and Austin.

San Antonio, TX’s Trusted Water Treatment Company

Your local WaterCare® dealer in San Antonio, TX is Alamo Water Softeners

Water quality has a significant impact on your health and quality of life. Water problems, such as hard water, bacteria, waste, metals, and other contaminants, can lead to issues like:

  • Water & energy waste
  • Damaged appliances
  • Plumbing problems
  • Stains on clothing & fixtures
  • Dry skin & hair
  • Discomfort & sickness

But there is no reason to worry. Your San Antonio, TX WaterCare®-authorized dealer can help! With efficient water testing and treatment solutions proven effective for over 50 years, you can have absolute confidence in their ability to create safer, more enjoyable water.

Get No-Cost, On-Site Water Testing! Whether you need a water softener, water filter, water conditioner, reverse osmosis, or a drinking water system, you can get free on-site water testing and a service estimate from your WaterCare® dealer in San Antonio!

Water Quality Issues in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio water is mainly filtered and brought to citizens from the Edwards Aquifer. Some of the most common water quality issues in this area for over the past 20 years have been inorganic contaminants, including dangerous levels of:

  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Cyanide
  • And more

Depending on the type of inorganic compound and the level of exposure, these contaminants can lead to problems with the liver, kidney, nervous system, circulatory system, blood, gastrointestinal system, bones, and skin.

San Antonio, TX also has a significantly high hard water level of 21 Grains per Gallon (gpg), with recommended levels being 7 to 10 gpg. Dry skin and hair, stiff clothing, frequent plumbing problems, and staining on clothes, fixtures, and appliances are some symptoms of hard water.

Water Treatment Solutions in San Antonio

Get Thorough Water Testing & Custom Water Treatment! When protecting your family from harmful inorganic compounds and other water problems, you will need thorough water testing and quality water treatment systems. The WaterCare®-authorized dealers of San Antonio offer proven water treatment systems to create cleaner and more enjoyable water that will protect you and your loved ones, prevent plumbing problems, and enhance the lifespan of appliances!

Water Treatment Options:

  • Water Softeners
  • Whole-House Water Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis & Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Conditioners
  • Commercial Water Treatment Systems
  • Wripli® - Online Monitoring for Flow Rate, Water Usage, Salt Levels & More
  • W.E.T.™ - Ensures Water Softeners Only Use the Necessary Amounts of Water & Salt
  • Crystal-Right™ - Multi-Functioning Media Exclusively in TotalCare Water Conditioners
  • Chlorine generator - Creates Chlorine from Salt in a Premier Conditioner or Softener's Brine Solution
  • Inch Worm™ - In Ion Pro® Air-Charged Filters to Gently & Quietly Release Air When Switching to Backwash
  • Ozone Generator - In Ion Pro® Filters, Uses Air Drawn In & Converts it to Ozone

Water Quality Benefits:

  • Provides Cleaner, Healthier, Better-Tasting Water Around the Clock
  • Eliminates Soap Scum, Residue, Scaling & Hard Water Spots
  • Prevents Damage to Water-Using Appliances & Extends Their Lifespan
  • Fewer Plumbing Issues & Drain Clogs
  • Healthier, More Comfortable Skin & Hair
  • Reduces Waste & Saves Money

Getting Cleaner, More-Enjoyable Water

WaterCare® dealers in San Antonio offer exclusive water treatment solutions, fixing common water quality problems, including inorganic compounds, metals, hard water, high or low pH, or harmful bacteria, and other contaminants. They have the professional training, time-tested skills, and determination to develop and install proven systems that meet the specific needs of your home or business.

  1. Schedule a free, on-site water test
    Get started by scheduling a no-cost, on-site water test with your WaterCare®-authorized dealer. Water testing helps your specialist understand your specific water problems. They will identify hard water, iron, or pH imbalances. If needed additional water testing can find lead, copper, arsenic, manganese, nitrates, TDS, or sulfur.
    Contact us for free water testing and a water treatment estimate.
  2. Reviewing results from water testing
    After your WaterCare®-authorized dealer receives the results from your water test, they will discuss the results and recommend the right water treatment solutions for your unique problems, needs, and budget, whether that be water softening, water filters, or reverse osmosis systems.
  3. No-cost estimate for a custom water treatment solution
    Our local water treatment professionals also offer a free, written service estimate for your custom-designed water treatment system. Our dealers ensure upfront pricing, expert installations and services, and honest, quality dealers to provide a completely stress-free experience!
  4. Cleaner, more enjoyable water straight out of the sink
    Our patented and proven water treatment systems ensure pure, more enjoyable water, longer-lasting appliances, fewer plumbing failures, and better health!

San Antonio’s Trusted Water Treatment Dealer

Does your home or commercial property show signs of water problems, including hard water, inorganic compounds, high or low pH, and more? If so, contact your local WaterCare®-authorized dealer today! WaterCare® has been a leader in the water treatment industry, providing proven solutions for over 50 years. From purifying water at the kitchen sink to a whole-home water filter or a commercial water treatment system, our dealers will identify the source of water quality issues and develop the perfect solution to eliminate them altogether!

Get a free, on-site water test with a local water treatment company. We offer the best solutions for any water quality need.

Why choose a WaterCare®-authorized dealer?

  • Complete Water Treatment Company: From in-home water testing to installing a custom water treatment solution or system repair and maintenance, the local WaterCare® dealers can handle all these water quality services and more!
  • Customized Water Treatment Solutions: WaterCare® dealers custom-design water treatment systems to combat your unique water problems. This includes water softeners, water filters, water conditioners, reverse osmosis, and drinking water systems.
  • Exclusive Products & Solutions: Local WaterCare®-authorized dealers provide a variety of patented, time-tested, and exclusive water treatment products!
  • Professionally-Trained Installers & Technicians: WaterCare® network dealers have the professional training, skill, and determination you can rely on for reliable water testing, water treatment system installation, and service.
  • Lasting Protection & Peace of Mind: The water softeners, filters, conditioners, and drinking water systems from WaterCare® come complete with industry-leading warranties and professional installations and maintenance from qualified dealers.

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